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Customer References:
Headache-inducing or sales-producing?

The words “Can I speak to your references” shouldn’t cause headaches within your sales team. Eliminate reference burnout, reduce scheduling delays, and end the logistical nightmares with Verified customer references.

Eliminate reference burnout

Verified conducts and records comprehensive, objective, and structured interviews with your reference customers, and loads these videos into your Verified Dashboard for you to distribute as needed.

Reduce Scheduling Delays

Anticipate your buyer’s needs by providing early access to high-quality, Verified customer references.

End the logistical nightmare

No more spreadsheets, no more panic at the request of a customer reference. Create a seamless, headache-free customer reference experience with Verified.

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Want to learn more?

Get in touch via the contact form above, or take a tour of Verified to see how you can benefit from better Customer References.

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