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A new approach to Customer References

Say goodbye to scheduling delays and reference burn-out. Finally, a better way to sell with customer references.


A Better Experience for Everyone

  • A single source library for all customer references

  • An easy way to instantly share reference videos with sales prospects

  • Independent, 3rd party reference quality scores

  • Insightful data into buyer behavior

Solution S3 SellersGet.png
Solution S3 BuyersGet.png
  • Immediate on-demand access to reference interview videos

  • Internal distribution of reference videos

  • Comprehensive, independently validated reference videos

Solution S3 ReferencesGet.png
  • Time savings.  One recorded interview instead of constant call requests.

  • Independent, 3rd party reference facilitation

A Better Process for Everyone

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Verified conducts and records quality reference interviews of your customers, then loads them into your Verified app

Solution S4 SellersCan.png

Sellers can quickly select appropriate reference interviews to share with buyers

Solution S4 BuyersCan.png

Buyers can immediately access and view comprehensive reference interviews at their own convenience


Get in Touch

We’d love to learn about your business and explore how Verified can solve your customer reference headaches and help you close more deals.  Let’s chat!

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