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A curated, frictionless experience

  • Interviews take 45-60min

  • Reference interviews are conducted online by a Verified certified interviewer

  • Verified will coordinate an interview time suitable to your schedule

Verified will coordinate, conduct, and record a structured reference interview with you, to get a full glimpse into your vendor's company. This video is then given to the vendor company to distribute as needed to prospective Buyers, Investors, or Analysts.

This could be the last reference request you ever receive...

No more emails, calls, Zoom chats, and reference requests. After conducting a single reference interview with Verified, you’ll never be asked to provide a reference again. We’re ending reference burnout once and for all.

Fully Confidential Interviews

Only your vendor’s prospective buyers will be able to view your reference interview - never the vendor themselves. Speak with full confidence and candor, knowing that your interview will only be seen by the necessary parties.

<something like this infographic, but from the perspective of the reference>

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