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MGI Research uses Verified exclusively to conduct confidential, structured interviews as part of its MGI 360 rating methodology.

Verified was founded on the experience, research, and insights of MGI Research.

A new standard for reference interview management

With years of experience conducting reference calls on behalf of technology buyers and as industry analysts, MGI developed Verified to conduct and manage structured reference interviews.  The Verified solution ensures consistency, security, and easy access for analysts to review and score references.


Because of Verified’s structured process, the results of each interview can be scored in a consistent, uniform manner. A standard process ensures a level playing field and mitigates human bias in the process.


Once recorded and stored in the Verified app, analysts can digitally search, review, and score reference interviews.


All interviews are completely confidential. Company information and reference names will never appear publicly without the express consent of the parties involved. All MGI 360 Ratings references are conducted “on background” and are held in strict confidence.

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