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Verified was founded on the experience, research, and insights of MGI Research, a leading business, finance, and IT research and strategic advisory firm.


After years of first-hand experience as research analysts reviewing hundreds of companies and conducting thousands of customer references calls, we recognized that companies struggle with the customer reference process and that there could be a better way.

We developed Verified to remove the friction, delays, and burnout of the traditional reference process, by providing a curated, digitized, and on-demand service that prioritizes insights and speed.

Leadership Team


Andrew Dailey




Igor Stenmark

Chairman &



Jim Mendelson



Interested in joining the MGI Verified team?

Browse the open positions below and send a note and your CV to

Driving Innovation

As the leader of the development team in a growing organization, you will balance the technical needs of the product with the needs of a fast-moving and scaling team. Your deep experience with cloud-based technologies and coding lifecycles from inception to deployment will allow your team to get great product out - fast.

Driving Customer Success

Working in Verified's growing analyst department, you will work with Verified's customer, and their customers, to help realize the vision of a better reference management process.



All the Answers You Need

  • How is Verified different from product review sites like G2, Capterra, Software Advisor, et al?"
    Verified is a digital supplement to the reference checking process. References are supplied by the technology vendors. References are interviewed, confidentially, by a Verified expert. Verified does not compensate the references, and prospects have confidence that they are hearing a real customer provide real feedback. With Verified experts asking the questions, the prospect gets context and added depth – making it a much more valuable experience for the prospect.
  • Does Verified replace the need for a phone call with references?
    Using Verified, prospects are able to hear from references without having to schedule a call. It is possible, however, that some prospects will want to have a follow-up call with a particular reference. This is done via the same process being used today. The difference is that the follow-up call is richer and can address specific questions from the prospect, since the prospect has the benefit of having viewed the Verified interview and can ask more precise follow-up questions.
  • Does Verified recruit references?
    No. The vendor is still responsible for cultivating customers and signing them up to be references. However, with Verified, it’s easier to engage customers and turn them into references, since the “ask” is easy. Instead of countless hours spent on the phone, a reference now does a 30-minute interview with a Verified expert, and the Verified app makes it possible for new prospects to watch the interview without having to speak with the reference.
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